150th Natural Bridge Civilian Town Information

The members of the Ladies Soldier Friends Sewing Society represent middle class citizens, mainly from the capital of Tallahassee and surrounding rural areas and small towns to reflect society during the Civil war era and show what the lives of middle class citizens would have been like.

The Ladies Soldier Friends Sewing Society supports the reenacting community through participation as civilians at military reenactments and living histories as well as through historical presentations. As a Soldiers Aid Society we strive to show how civilians came together to make, assemble and deliver necessary food, clothing, medicines and other supplies the government was unable to provide for every soldier.

Our goal is to research clothing, accessories, and household articles used in the daily life of civilians in the 1800s and share our knowledge with the public. We focus on learning the crafts and domestic skills of the era. We have members who are able to demonstrate spinning, mending, sewing, knitting, quilting, crocheting, cooking and baking in an open hearth, and more.

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